The LICE-2018 workshops are international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice, Pedagogy, Arts, History, Open Learning, Distance Education, Math and Science Education, ICT, Language Learning, Education (Early Year, Secondary, Post-Secondary and Higher), E-Learning, and identify emerging research topics. The workshops offer a good opportunity for young researchers to present their work and to obtain feedback from an interested community. All the accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings.

Accepted Workshops

Workshop 1

Title: Can Every School Succeed?  Schools Transformed

Scope: This workshop is intended to aid school leaders, teachers, and staff members to understand school transformation and how to create schools that work for ALL students.

Objective and Motivation: The objective of this workshop is to take school leaders, teachers, and staff members through the eight steps of school transformation ( vision, journey, buy-in, engagement, change, capacity, execution, and sustainability) in order for them to create schools that work for ALL students. ALL students deserve to attend a school where school leaders, teachers, and staff member not only believe in them, but create a structures where they can be successful.

Organiser: David Franklin, The Principal’s Desk Consulting and National University, USA

Workshop 2

Title: School-University Partnerships: Opportunities for maximizing teacher education and student achievement

Scope: This workshop will highlight the possibilities of meaningful practice when schools and universities form partnerships. Such partnerships further teacher education for pre-service teachers in authentic settings and provide additional support for K-12 students. The presenters will give a brief explanation of how the partnership is organized between the University of Georgia and the Clarke County School System. However, the emphasis of the workshop will be the learning opportunities that have been made available for University of Georgia teacher education candidates, Fowler Drive children, and Fowler Drive faculty because of the partnership. Materials will be shared with workshop participants so that they may replicate opportunities in their own schools and universities. The workshop will include a question-answer session.

Beth Tolley, University of Georgia, USA
Anissa Johnson, Fowler Drive Elementary School, USA

Workshop 3

Title: Every Child to Flourish – Global Youth Voice

Scope: For many children around the world today, the education they receive is insufficient and incompatible with the ‘real world’. While ways to improve education are continuously grappled with, there is a lack of research exploring the opinions held by the many stakeholders in K12 (4-18 years) education with regard to possible improvements. Although many approach this from a sole-stakeholder or thematic perspective, it was the focus of this research to understand both the breadth of perceived needs, and key concepts surrounding education improvement, from a global multi-stakeholder perspective. As young people are too often excluded from educational change, a core part of this exploration examines youth opinion. This research seeks to understand 1) the breadth of areas stakeholders perceive as a need for improvement. We term these ‘perceived needs’ 2) perceived needs from a youth perspective, as well as what they currently value in education. Additionally, a final motive of this research was to map the breadth of educational needs identified to guide research processes at HundrED, share findings relevant to all stakeholders in the wider education community and identify ways to get involved with HundrED and beyond.

Objective and Motivation: At HundrED our goal is to celebrate and empower all stakeholders to create the changes necessary in education together for today, and the future, utilizing collective intelligence, a global platform and community, within their local ecosystems. Our workshop will discuss the overall findings, future directions and ways to get involved develop research that is stakeholder appropriate, especially for youth. We will also show how evidence of perceived needs across the ecosystem, can be utilized to transform education ecosystems, sharing examples of research in practice of ambassadors implementing innovations based on their needs from the foundation of our report.

Organiser: Jessica Spencer-Keyse, HundrED, UK

Workshop 4

Title: Want Achievement? Build Community!

Scope: Building community is something that all educators know they should do. It’s common sense, right? But often, common sense is not common practice. This workshop is intended to introduce teachers, staff members and school leaders to the steps needed to build and sustain effective learning communities.

Objective and Motivation: The objective of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive approach for building and sustaining effective learning communities. Teachers, staff members and administrators will be introduced to three important components of community building: Authentic Relationships, Culture and Climate, and Teacher Mindset’ the ACT Formula. In addition, they will understand how building community has a positive effective on behavior, motivation and student achievement. Participants will walk away with tools, strategies and insights they can utilize tomorrow to create thriving learning environments for all students and learn how to keep them going strong throughout the year.

Organiser: Cindy Robinson, Enhancing Teacher Practices, USA

More Workshops To Be Announced…!

If you are interested in organising workshops for the LICE-2018, please email your proposal to the by the 08th of October, 2018. Your workshop proposals will be reviewed by the Steering Committees. After acceptance of the workshop proposal, it is the responsibility of the Workshop Organiser(s) / Workshop Chair(s) to review all submitted papers to his/her workshop.


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